Management Advisory Services

Operative management and strategic planning are the foundation for an enduring and successful organization.   We offer analysis, consultation, facilitation, and training services to businesses that are focused on controlled and steady growth.  Some areas we specialize in are cash flow management, expense reporting, financial statements and analysis, budgets, and inventory management.  We can also assist our clients with procuring financing for growth, improvements, equipment, and expansion. Touchstone Accounting clients leverage our experience and expertise to help achieve their desired goals and financial stability.

Getting your accounting software setup from the beginning is crucial to an organizations financial success.  Touchstone Accounting offers QuickBooks implementation and training.  Our staff maintains current QuickBooks Pro Advisor certifications in order to give our clients the most accurate and precise recommendations.  Touchstone is available for additional questions, follow-up, and continued oversite.


Indecision can cost your business, but so can paralysis through over-analysis.

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Cash Flow Management

Planning for current and future cash requirements is a key to the success of an organization.

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Expense Reporting

Detailed reporting produced monthly, quarterly, and annually that accurately tracks the cost of doing business.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements. You know that you need them, but which ones do you need?

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Inventory & COGS Tracking

Gain control over your inventory and effectively manage its flow through your business.

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QuickBooks Training

Touchstone maintains current certifications as QuickBooks experts for your organization.

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